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NEF Nutrition doesn’t believe in restrictive or trending diet fads. This nutrition program is based on science and behavioral changes you can easily make, with a healthier lifestyle as a result!

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Corporate Wellness

There are 2 options for corporate wellness.

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Strength & Conditioning

The strength and conditioning class is an encompassing one hour functional fitness class led by an instructor. The S&C class can be scaled to the individual. Each class includes a warmup; strength and conditioning workout. The strength component may include squats, deadlifts or pressing movement, along with olympic lifts (i.e. clean, snatch jerk etc..). The conditioning component may include barbells, dumbbells, bodyweight or gymnastic movements.



The one hour, instructor led, Legend class is designed to meet the needs of individuals recovering from an injury or have an existing injury or medical condition, older adult population or folks who would like to engage in a challenging yet slower paced class. The class heavily focuses on strength, but includes cardiovascular workouts for conditioning. The Overall goal for this class is to help improve activities of daily living and to maintain functional movements that contribute to an increase in life satisfaction.


Open Gym 24/7

24/7 full amenity fitness facility with all the equipment one needs to sustain a regimented training session to a quick jog. No contract, cancel at anytime. Contact us today for a free tour or text 217-493-0767.


Athletic Performance

The one hour, instructor led, athlete performance class is designed to improve the overall athletic performance of Jr. high and high school athletes. The instructors conduct a comprehensive assessment to determine the overall ability for each athlete. A combination of strength training, agility drills, acceleration and deceleration work, jumping and sprinting are used to develop each athlete and improved identified deficits. In addition, circuit training with a focus on accessory lifts, core/stability and anti-rotation work will develop your child into a well rounded athlete.



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