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    Newton & Effing Elite Fitness

    Newton and Effing Elite Fitness are full-service fitness facilities that offer Group Fitness Classes, Nutrition, Open 24/7 Gym and access to mobile applications to help you develop a healthier sense of self. The facility was created to meet the needs of a rural population through expertise from Nutrition Coaches supported by dietician(s), Strength and Conditioning coaches supported by doctorates in physical therapy and psychology. Launched in 2016, the owners of Newton Elite Fitness have re-invested a 100% of NET profit back into the facility growing from 2,800 sq. ft to a 5,600 sq ft facility in Newton; expanding to a second location in Effingham Illinois. A combination of fitness and community engagement has demonstrated success to help members maintain accountability, meet their goals, and better manage stress.

    What do people say about us?

    • This is more than another gym. Newton Elite Fitness is a community of some of the best people you will ever meet. The 24/7 upstairs fitness center is great for individuals seeking a traditional gym atmosphere, the nutrition program allows individuals to find that healthy lifestyle balance and the downstairs classes push you to another level. Within these walls you find encouragement, confidence and a family type atmosphere. Drop by and check it out….trust me it can change your life!

      Jason Warfel
    • Great facility, coaching and members! If you’re looking to drop in or finding a new gym to go to, then this is the place!!

      Tiffany Ochs
    • Great facility. Very helpful people. A definite asset to our community.

      Tony Mason
    • Great facility and coaching; very welcoming group of people!

      Kate Leffler Passalacqua
    • Great family gym!! Always welcoming, awesome atmosphere.

      Stevie Finn

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    Call us: 217-493-0767

    120 W. Washington St, Newton, IL 62448

    Call us: 217-493-0767

    709 W. Wabash Ave, Effingham, IL 62401