Corporate Wellness

There are 2 options for corporate wellness.

There are 2 options for corporate wellness.

Option 1


This Corporate Wellness Program option kicks off with a nutrition seminar led by our NEF Nutrition Team. We run this as a 28 day Challenge.

Through the challenge:

  • Learn how to properly fuel your body
  • Break old habits & create healthier ones
  • Receive sample meal plans
  • Access dozens of FREE, Dietitian-Approved recipes
  • Receive weekly email check-ins
  • Gain access to our Exclusive NEF Nutrition App
  • Take advantage of the Fitness Add-On, let Newton Elite Fitness cover your monthly membership to our NEF 24/7 Fitness gym upstairs.
  • Get 2 InBody scans (start and finish) to show any changes in your body fat and muscle mass compositions.

Option 2


This Corporate Wellness Program option entails a 4-6 week Seminar Series that allows the NEF Nutrition team to offer either in-person or virtual over zoom seminars. These seminars will cover a new topic every week.

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